Djokovic jailed again |

The Immigration Minister Hawke had previously announced his decision after four days. “Today I exercised my right to void Mr Novak Djokovic’s visa,” Hawke said in a statement, “on the basis that it is in the public interest to do so.” He did not take the decision lightly and carefully checked all the documents that the immigration authorities, the Australian border guard and Djokovic presented to him.

When it comes to its decision, however, the government knows that the vast majority of Australians are behind it: According to a survey by the media group News Corp, 83 percent of those surveyed support the attempt to expel Djokovic from the country again. The vaccination rate in Australia is 91 percent, and many people are outraged about exceptions for the unvaccinated. They also had to massively restrict themselves during the pandemic when they had to endure the world’s longest lockdown. Recently, the number of newly infected people has risen sharply again.

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