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As soon as they realized that they were being investigated, the members of the administrative corruption network made up of senior officials who were arrested in Operation Coral 5G, allegedly tried to intimidate witnesses not to testify, warning them that “do not they mess with the guards ”.

The preliminary file establishes this fact as one of the motivations for the Permanent Attention Office of the National District to impose preventive detention on the accused and declare the complexity of the case, in order to avoid destruction of evidence and intimidation of witnesses.

“The investigation carried out by the Public Ministry so far has shown that this criminal network has been making maneuvers to distract the goods acquired as a result of the crimes charged, on all real estate, as well as the concealment of relevant evidence for the investigation, Likewise, it has been making maneuvers so that relevant information does not reach the hands of the Public Ministry, it has also intimidated witnesses so that they do not testify, under the argument: “Do not mess with the guards,” indicates the documentation.

The Public Ministry establishes that the Coral and Coral 5G criminal networks functioned as “a true company” due to the complexity of their operations and the levels of structuring typical of organized crime. With this level of organization, says the Public Ministry, they evaded government control and created criminal networks at the local and transnational level, getting involved with influential people and creating a corrupt structure in the heart of military institutions.

The authorities specify that the high military commanders who are accused have a lot of influence in the State security agencies and that for this reason there is the possibility that they may hinder the investigation process and create unusual situations and procedures.

Others will fall prey

At the point where the investigation is, the Public Ministry has identified a group that has been charged, in addition to companies used for money laundering. However, the request for a measure of coercion establishes that the Attorney General’s Office is certain that other high-ranking military and civilian commanders will be charged in the course of the investigations, who have been confirmed directly involved in the alleged acts of corruption of this network. .

General Juan Carlos Torres Robiou (FARD), Julio Camilo de los Santos (FARD) and Boanerges Reyes Batista (ERD), as well as Captain Franklin Antonio Mata Flores (ARD), Colonels Carlos Augusto Lantigua Cruz, Yehudy Blandesmil Guzmán Alcántara, Miguel Ventura Pichardo (FARD) and Lieutenant Colonel Erasmo Roger Pérez Núñez (FARD).

Also Lieutenant Colonel Kelman Santana Martínez (ERD) and Major José Manuel Rosario Pirón (PN). Likewise, First Lieutenant Jehohanan Lucía Rodríguez Jiménez, César Félix Ramos Ovalle and Esmeralda Ortega Polanco.

The corruption network dismantled with the Coral and Coral 5G operations moved at least 4,500 million pesos, the Public Ministry has established during the investigation. The coercion request has more than 600 pages, and about 700 pieces of evidence.

The defenses are prepared

The defenses of the defendants in Operation Coral 5G are preparing to counter the request of the Public Ministry. The lawyers assure that their clients are innocent, but that in the immediate time they will present to the Permanent Attention Office the budgets to avoid preventive detention. Several of the robes who spoke with Diario Libre expressed their hope that the court that heard the measure would take into account the roots and not decide based on the “criminal populism” that Pepca has established.

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