Do they turn their backs on Number One?  Spanish tennis player supports "pro-vaccine" rule of the Australian Open

Sports newsroom, Jan 14 (EFE).- The Spanish tennis player Pablo Carreño, number 21 in the world, declared about the situation experienced by Novak Djokovic that it is “a complicated case”, but pointed out that “what you have to do is get vaccinated and if you are not, then don’t come” .

«The rules are clear and one of them is to be vaccinated to compete in the Australian Open. Everyone is free to do what they want or can. We are in these troubles and after all I think it is not good for tennis that there is so much talk about these things and we are aware of whether or not they are going to let him play, if the team has to be changed or not, “added Carreño in an interview with Eurosport from Melbourne.

Pablo Carreño, who will debut this Monday at the Australian Open against Argentine Tomás Martín Etcheverry, recalled the conditions of the first Grand Slam tournament last season.

“They were unacceptable. They made a great effort to carry out the tournament despite COVID-19, but it was not held in optimal conditions because the 15 days of quarantine that we had were quite bad and very difficult to train. In the end there were many injuries. Personally, I had an abdominal injury, probably from that time they had us locked up in the hotel,” he said.

«This year is totally different. We have been able to come and train from day one, which helps a high-level athlete a lot and my feelings are good. I come with a lot of confidence and I hope to get a good result”, he stressed.

The 30-year-old Asturian tennis player highlighted his good form and that he is feeling “very well” in this week’s training. In addition, Carreño has changed tracks a lot, since “the speed on each one of them is not the same.”

«The sensations are good. Physically I feel very good and that is very important to me. The confidence I gained last week I hope it will serve to get a good result at the Australian Open, “Carreño concluded.

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