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The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, spoke about what could be the fourth peak of contagion in the capital of Antioquia, and assured that if measures must be taken to mitigate infections, it cannot be for the entire population.

The president made it clear that the city does not withstand one more confinement, and that is why it is not feasible to carry out general curfews, especially considering that progress has been made in vaccination, which helps to prevent contagion rates. shoot.

However, he made it clear that cases can go up, especially for people who have not wanted to be vaccinated, and assured that for them there could be a curfew, as long as the situation gets heavy: “the restrictions will be for the unvaccinated people, who are going to have problems entering restaurants, entering public places and if things get worse, we are going to put a curfew on them. It is a personal decision to get vaccinated or not to be vaccinated, but if eventually the contagion problem were to increase and it was concentrated in the unvaccinated, obviously we would place restrictions on the unvaccinated.

Medellín advances in its vaccination

However, despite the fact that there are infections, the vaccination figures are going well in the city, and it is a point in favor, since there are more than 3 million doses applied, between first, second and third doses. However, work must be done so that people who have not wanted to receive the vaccine, do so, since the Mayor’s Office has deployed mobile units to the most difficult access points so that people attend this appointment without excuse.

This is the latest report on vaccination in Medellín, which is progressing well.

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