Doctors’ strike should have high adherence on the second day of the stoppage, says Fnam | Health

Doctors meet this Thursday the second day of strike to demand the appreciation of the career and salary scales. The strike was called by the unions that make up the National Federation of Doctors (Fnam). The president of the organization, Joana Bordalo e Sá, told PÚBLICO this morning that the second of the two days of the protest is expected to have a similar participation to that of Wednesday, which was around 85 and 90% in health centres.

“We are expecting a very similar adherence, both in health centers and hospitals, and in gynecology and obstetrics adherence is almost 100% from north to south of the country”, he added.

The stoppage, the first after the covid-19 pandemic, was called at a time when unions and the government are in negotiations, but still without an agreement after several inconclusive meetings. The Independent Doctors’ Union (SIM) distanced itself from the protest, claiming that it is not justified while negotiations with the Government are ongoing.

Regarding the first day of the strike, in which a demonstration was also held in front of the Ministry of Health (MS), adherence to health centers was “from 85 to 90%, with some health centers closed to 100% in Alto Minho, in Trás-os-Montes, in the Lisbon area, in the Center and also in the Azores”, said Joana Bordalo e Sá. In hospitals, adherence was 80%, with “several operating theaters closed at 100%”. “There was a very strong adherence, but the minimum services were always met. All urgent cases were taken care of.”

The strike will end at midnight from Thursday to Friday.

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