Kershaw returned and the whole stadium applauded him

Nine years in a row the dodgers Los Angeles have made it to the MLB playoffs, but without a doubt this will have something special in search of the defense of their title of World Series champion.

“We made a little champagne toast, said a few words. You never want to miss that you are in the post-season ”- Dave Roberts told the press after tonight’s win that puts the Dodgers for the 9th year in a row in the Major League Baseball playoffs.

It’s no small feat, no other MLB team has accomplished the feat, but for a team like the Dodgers with the talent and payroll it still seems like a small step.

What is the goal for a team like the Dodgers that in 2020 managed to break the curse of the World Series that had been carried since the eighties?

Endorse the title. There’s no more.

This is what Mookie Betts said at the beginning of the year and Roberts, Kershaw, Muncy and all the figures of the dodgers when they have had the opportunity.

So nothing, the Angels You already have your ticket to the playoffs, will it be enough to take home the crown?

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