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A mystery pervades Pega Pega’s plot, does Bebeth discover the truth that Eric (Matthew Solano) has been trying to hide from her? The girl’s birth was not the way she believes it happened and that’s why the businessman bribe the girl’s former nanny to keep her quiet, however, a turnaround will happen.

Bebeth discovers the truth in Pega Pega?

Valentina Herszage’s character knows everything about how it was generated in scenes from the final weeks of the soap opera, soon the audience will rewatch this scene in the rerun. Everything happens because of Isabel (Regina Gutman), the girl’s former nanny and Márcio’s grandmother (Jaffar Bambirra).

Isabel was found by the police and so she tells Antônio everything, then the woman also makes revelations to her grandson’s girlfriend. The character of Regina Gutman tells Bebeth the truth that she had been hiding for years, that in the soap opera Pega Pega Maria Pia (Mariana Santos) was a surrogate and carried the girl for 9 months in her belly.

After being shocked by the information, Bebeth confronts her father with the truth in Pega Pega and demands to know what happened. Eric stops lying and reveals that Mirella (Marina Rigueira) released eggs, but couldn’t maintain a pregnancy and that’s why he needed Maria Pia’s help. Eric’s wife was ashamed of not being able to get pregnant and so made the manager hide her secret.

Márcio’s grandmother tells the boy who decided to tell the whole truth to Bebeth because the money that was sent by Eric stopped arriving in his bank account.

The scenes in which Bebeth will discover the truth about her origins in Pega Pega and will confront her father and Maria Pia will be aired next week, on October 21, a Thursday, according to the summary provided by TV Globo. The broadcaster may make changes to the plot that change the order in which the chapters are shown without prior notice.

Woman stops taking bribes and goes to Bebeth’s workplace to talk – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

Understand how the medical procedure for surrogates

When does Pega Pega end?

The forecast is that the rerun of the serial will end on November 19th, a Friday, and it will have a rerun of the last chapter on the following day, November 20th, Saturday – According to information in the column by Patrícia Kogut on O Globo, who got the date of the premiere of the next attraction in the time slot. So far, TV Globo has only stated the month of the next 7 pm telenovela, but has not made any statements about the day.

The Mais Vida Melhor is expected to hit the small screens on November 22nd. The work of Mauro Wilson, the new soap opera will feature Giovanna Antonelli, Vladimir Brichta, as well as Valentina Herszage and Mateus Solano, who play Bebeth and Eric in Pega Pega.

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