Does Jasson Dominguez have a formula to accelerate his debut with the Yankees?

The Dominican Phenomenon Jasson Dominguez has been in the media quite a bit in recent days with rumors of an upcoming debut with Yankees in the MLB.

From the statements of the new manager of the minors, Rachel Balkovec, to the comments of Bryan Hoch (MLB insider) where they called him “an abnormality”, it seems that a campaign has been launched around the number one prospect of the Mulos advertising campaign to speed up his Major League debut.

We have three reasons to think that:

  1. Jasson has gotten tired of popping the ball in the Minors
  2. No big firms (so far) yankees they’re going to need some favorable publicity (if they don’t nail anything down).
  3. The Dominican has made a couple of adjustments that have improved his hitting and could (if such a thing were possible) help improve his numbers in the box.

What did that adjustment consist of?

Well, as fellow Yankees insider Eli Fishman points out, it seems Dominguez has focused on improving his hitting swing a bit, less power, but more accuracy and hand speed that can help him hit more and in more directions.

There is no need here to say the versatility that a baseball player needs Big leagues and although it has always been known that Domínguez’s virtue lies in power, a little more consistency and precision does not hurt either.

Now, when could Jasson debut?

Let’s not delude ourselves. Here we bet that it will be this year, but surely well pushed towards the end of the season to maintain one more year of control over his contract. Don’t you think so?

All franchises have extended the use of time manipulation as a practice (which is why the Syndicate wants to shorten it from 6 years to 5). So as much as the Marciano is in a position to debut, we won’t see him until the Yankees can guarantee that extra year.

Meanwhile we will continue to see Jasson tearing balls apart in the Minors under Rachel Balvec, a hitting specialist by the way. So we assure you, that Dominguez swing is only going to get better.

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