Dollar today: how much the official and the other exchange options are trading this Thursday, November 25

The official dollar closed this Thursday, November 25 at $ 99.75 for the purchase and $105,75 for sale on the screens of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA).

While the blue dollar is trading at $ 198 to buy and $201 for sale in the City of Buenos Aires, without changes against the previous day. Thus, the gap with the wholesale ticket, which was negotiated at $ 100.70, reaches 99.60%.

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Below, one by one, the quotes of the different options for trade with dollars which can be accessed in Argentina.

Savings or solidarity dollar

The solidarity dollar It stood at $ 174.49 for sale. It is the sum of the official dollar price plus the PAIS taxes (30%) and the 35% withholding as an advance on Earnings.

This is the value with which it is necessary to be guided when acquiring foreign currency for savings or to carry out transactions (purchase of goods or services via credit or debit card) abroad.

So far in 2021, the retail dollar shows a rise of 18,5%.

Wholesale or commercial dollar

In the wholesale segment, the dollar traded at $100,70 per unit. Thus, it maintains the rate of slippage and the exchange rate gap between the commercial dollar and the blue was located at 99.60%.

The Central Bank managed to buy about US $ 130 million this Wednesday. It had closed the previous week with sales of reserves that totaled US $ 115 million. So far this month, it has accumulated a negative result of more than US $ 600 million. In October the balance was bought for US $ 220 million, but in September the monetary authority sacrificed US $ 950 million.

The wholesale dollar accumulates a rise of 19.6% so far this year. Since March, the agency has applied a moderation in the rate of devaluation of the official exchange rate, given that the authorities expect it to serve as an anchor for inflation.

Dollar counted with settlement (CCL)

The counted with clearance (CCL) is negotiated a $212,63, on the official screens.

Meanwhile, the “Counted with free liqui” it is located in $214,06.

What is the dollar counted with liqui? It is the exchange rate that arises from the operation that allows investors to buy Argentine papers in the local market and sell them abroad in order to turn foreign currency for “hoarding”.

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Dollar MEP or Stock Exchange

For his part, dollar MEP o Stock market trades at $203,22. This is a financial exchange rate that works in a similar way to the “cash with liqui”, but allows the banknotes obtained to be deposited locally.

The MEP “free”, meanwhile, is in $202,24.

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crypto dollar

The exchange rate for access cryptocurrencies you get to $215,10. In the crypto ecosystem, however, there are different quotes depending on the virtual wallet with which it is operated.

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