Domestic workers: how much will be the salary increase for November and December

The Salary Commission for Workers of Private Houses established on Wednesday, October 13 a new increase for staff in the domestic sector, with which the annual accumulated will reach 50%.

In the framework of a new meeting, an increase of 6% was agreed in November, while adding 2% to 5% in December. Thus, the annual accumulated parity, when taking into account June of this year and May 2022, reaches 50%.

It was during the same meeting that the tripartite entity, which brings together representatives of the State, employers and unions in the sector, It stipulated a new review for March of next year. Measure would benefit 5 million registered female employees.

How is the “Registered” plan for domestic service employees

Prior to agreeing on the most recent salary increase, the National Commission for Work in Private Houses had agreed to a salary increase for domestic staff of 42%, coordinated to be delivered in no less than four sections.

Likewise, the signed minutes established a split increase of 13% in June, 12% in September and another 5% in December, with 12% in March of next year. The upward adjustments also extended to caregivers and homemakers.

Also, for the first time since September Women workers in the seniority sector were recognized for 1% and the item for unfavorable area will add 2%. Previously, they had agreed to an update between December and April, of 28% and in three installments.

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With the latest increase, the segment would slightly beat inflation, if the forecasts of the consultants are fulfilled. According to a report by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), the market slightly cut the inflation estimate for this year.

That is why it is expected to be at 48.2%. Meanwhile, they indicated that a 2.8% Consumer Price Index (CPI) is expected for September. The peer review of domestic workers took place while other unions also reached agreements.

In fact, the UOM metallurgical union also reached an understanding. Then, achieved a salary update of 50.2%, which includes a review clause for the month of December.

Also, at noon, the Government dictated mandatory conciliation with the train conductors union La Fraternidad, in charge of Omar Maturano, who had announced a 24-hour cessation of activities in demand of salary improvements.


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