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President DominicanLuis Abinader affirmed this Monday that his country “cannot” serve the health services of “two countries” and that his Government will continue to comply with the immigration law that allows the deportation of undocumented foreign citizens.

“We are simply complying with the migration law and we are doing it with due respect for human rights, in case of any excess we correct it, but the health system cannot serve two countries”, said the president when responding to journalists about the deportation process of pregnant Haitians.

Abinader assured that emergency care is being given in Dominican hospitals to undocumented citizens, but that the country’s health system can only guarantee services to those who “pay taxes, to Dominicans and to Dominican women.”

The statements of the Dominican president apparently indicate that the deportations of pregnant Haitians will continue.

Last week, the Dominican Minister of Health, Daniel Rivera, affirmed that the deportations of Haitian pregnant women and women in labor have caused a reduction in their influx into Dominican hospitals.

This situation “has allowed the Dominicans to be more comfortable” in the hospitals, the minister celebrated, who stressed that what is being sought is “to provide a better service to the Dominicans.”

The influx of Haitians has dropped to 20% in medical centers in the capital and 10% in hospitals on the border, since the deportations of pregnant women began two weeks ago, which are prohibited by Dominican immigration law.

Last Tuesday, the UN expressed its “concern” over the detention and deportation of pregnant women who were seeking or even already receiving care in health centers and hospitals in various regions of the country, and asked the country to suspend these actions.

Almost 100,000 children of Haitian women were registered in the country’s Immigration Book since 2017, where around 36,000 deliveries of these nationals take place annually, according to Minister Rivera.

Until the end of October, 28,370 Haitian births have been registered in the country, 30% of the total in the Dominican Republic, according to statistics from the National Health System (SNS).

Dominican authorities invest $ 73 million annually in medical care for Haitians, including $ 5.8 million in deliveries, according to a 2019 SNS study.

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