Domitila, Cezar, Larissa and Ricardo are on the wall

Image: Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

Domitila Barros, Cezar Black, Larissa and Ricardo are this week’s partners in Big Brother Brasil 2023. The four were defined with the conclusion of this week’s dynamics, this Sunday (12). Voting has already been opened and one of them should leave the most guarded house in the country next Tuesday (14).

The process of forming the wall began on Thursday (9), when Domitila lost the “White Room” race to Fred Desempedidos and went straight to the wall, without the right to Bate e Volta. The brother was immunized. The two started the dispute after the model answered the Big Fone.

This Sunday, it was the turn of the angels Cezar Black and Larissa to save Aline Wirley. Then, the leader MC Guimê sent Cezar straight to the hot seat, also with no chance of saving himself. From then on, the house was divided into two groups and each member could indicate one of the opposite group: taking Larissa and Marvila to the wall.

The owner of the Wildcard Power Aline released Larissa to use Counterattack. She then chose Ricardo to accompany her, along with Marvvila, in the Bate e Volta race.

This week, the dispute was sponsored by McDonald’s, and the brothers had to sing the song chosen by them to win, step by step. With the test finished, he was saved and the other four continued in the dispute to remain confined.

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