Don’t like Carnival? See 2 paradises to stay calm

Baixio is on the North Coast (Photo: Arquivo / Erick Issa)

The biggest popular party on the planet is back after a two-year break. While some count the seconds to jump back after the electric trio, others don’t care about the revelry and if they could, they would flee the Bahian capital during momo’s reign. If you include yourself in this second group, it’s past time to get ready to enjoy the breeze, the sea and the peace a few kilometers away from Salvador.

With the democratization of Carnival in Brazil in recent years, it is very difficult to travel to a place where there is not a block or some street excitement during the period. Carnival has grown in the capital and also in cities in the interior, causing many of our artists to stop performing here to liven up the party in other places.

Baixio, in Bahia (Photo: Arquivo / Erick Issa)

Having the longest coastline in Brazil, we have several options of where to go during the revelry, however, some places are sure to be in the mood for fun, as is the case of Praia do Forte and Morro de São Paulo. In addition to attracting many tourists, the hectic nightlife of these places would not be ideal for those looking for peace during the six official days of the party. For this reason, we suggest two peaceful and paradisiacal places on our North Coast so that you can rest close to nature. They are: Baixio and Mangue Seco.

Both Baixio and Mangue Seco are beautiful places that deserve a visit. Because they are more peaceful than other beaches on the North Coast, it is common that during this period of the year the demand for accommodation grows. As the hotel chain in these places is small, you need to plan ahead and go after the reservation. Often, during these periods, you may not find options on hotel booking sites, such as Booking, for example, but it is worth contacting the accommodation directly to check availability, price and make the reservation.

Mangue Seco, in Bahia (Photo: Arquivo / Erick Issa)

In Mangue Seco, which is on the border of Bahia and Sergipe, bathed by the Rio Real, some of the accommodation options are: Pousada Grão de Areia, O Forte, Pouso das Garças, Mangue Seco Hostel, Eco Resort Recanto da Natureza, Algas Marinhas, Fantasies of the Agreste and Asa Branca. In Baixio, the options are Pousada Recanto Lagoa Azul, Aldeola by Slaviero, Ponta de Inhambupe Hotel Boutique, Pousada Angá and Pousada Solar da Lagoa. Remembering that these are just some of the options. There are others available.

Option to enjoy these two paradises will not be missing. Baixio is famous for its lagoons, but there is also the beautiful Barra do Inhambupe, where the river meets the sea. Mangue Seco, in addition to the charm of being the land of Tieta do Agreste, brings together dunes, beach and river. What is not lacking in these two places are possibilities to connect with nature with its most diverse aspects.

Mangue Seco, in Bahia (Photo: Arquivo / Erick Issa)

Were you excited about the two destinations? Don’t know and want to visit for the first time? If your answer is yes, we recommend that you read the complete guide that we publish here at iBahia IssaBordo column about Mangue Seco and Baixio.

In these texts, you will find complete information about these two places, such as, for example, how to get there, when to go, where to eat, among other things.

For those who are going to enjoy Carnival, like me, see you at Barra or Ondina. And for those who are going to travel, have a good trip! See you at the next destination!

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