A bill on the abolition of mandatory technical inspection has been submitted to the State Duma for consideration. The screening will be canceled for all private vehicles with the exception of cars and motorcycles over four years old. For them, you will need to obtain a diagnostic card when selling on the secondary market, for registration with the traffic police when changing the owner, as well as when changing the design or replacing the main units of the car. Izvestia sorted out the details.

The draft law on amendments to the federal law “On technical inspection of vehicles” was submitted to the State Duma by the party “United Russia”. According to the press service of the party, the document received the support of the government and can be adopted by the end of this year.

According to text document, the amendments should enter into force immediately after the signing of the law by the president. Accordingly, the need to undergo mandatory technical inspection for owners of private vehicles may disappear already this year. The bill was prepared by First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak, head of the Duma faction of the party Sergei Neverov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction Yevgeny Moskvichev and Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Andrei Kutepov.

Who does not need to undergo technical inspection, and who does

It is important that these changes will not affect commercial and passenger transport in any way, including taxis. For all others, technical inspection will be required only when registering, changing the owner, changing the design or replacing the main units of a car or motorcycle over four years old.

“Determine the compulsory technical inspection for cars and motorcycles belonging to individuals and from the year of manufacture of which more than four years have passed, including the year of their manufacture, only in cases of state registration of a vehicle, registration actions related to a change of owner, change construction and (or) replacement of the main component of the vehicle, ”the explanatory note says. At the same time, vehicle owners will have the right to apply for a technical inspection at their discretion.

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“Cars and motor vehicles owned by individuals and used by them exclusively for personal purposes not related to other activities, including the provision of passenger taxi services, passenger transportation, the use of personal vehicles for official purposes, are not subject to technical inspect, ”- stated in the text of the bill itself.

What explains the refusal of technical inspection

In the explanatory note, the authors point out that the owner’s obligation to monitor the health of his car and to repair it in time follows from the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations. According to the traffic rules, the driver of the vehicle before leaving is obliged to check the vehicle and ensure its good technical condition on the way, regardless of the fact of passing the technical inspection.

“The probability of participation in an accident of cars and motorcycles with technical malfunctions, but having valid OSAGO policies and having passed a technical inspection, taking into account the number of registered cars and accidents with their participation, is 1.1 and 0.7%, respectively, for buses – 5 , 6%, for trucks – 2.07%, ”the explanatory note says.

The authors of the document also pointed out that, within the framework of international obligations, only technical inspection is considered mandatory in Russia for buses and trucks with a permissible maximum weight of over 3.5 tons, as well as trailers for them.

“Taking into account the above negative factors in this area, it is proposed to abolish the mandatory technical inspection for cars and motorcycles belonging to individuals,” the explanatory note says.


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Earlier, the government commission on road safety, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, approved an initiative to simplify the inspection procedure.

“The proposal of United Russia is long overdue. We have previously repeatedly discussed this issue with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, thought about approaches, consulted, weighed the situation. Today the commission supported this idea. The owner should first of all monitor the safety of his motorcycle or car, ”explained the deputy chairman of the government.

In turn, the secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrei Turchak is sure that many drivers perceive technical inspection as an additional tax or even quitrent when issuing an OSAGO policy.

“The current rules for carrying out technical inspection are already morally outdated, they were adopted in 1994. All procedures have become a banal formality, ”Turchak said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs offered to give discounts for technical inspection. Insurers against

The initiative to abolish the mandatory technical inspection for cars and motorcycles owned by individuals was first proposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on June 15, 2021. This was announced by the head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Mikhail Chernikov. At the same time, the department proposed to work out measures to stimulate the owners of these categories of vehicles to voluntarily undergo the technical inspection procedure.


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Such measures, in the opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, could be a decrease in the transport tax rate, as well as a decrease in the cost of an OSAGO policy for those drivers who nevertheless voluntarily come for an inspection.

Insurance companies are not yet ready for such steps – withIn Korea, on the contrary, some do not exclude that the cost of the policy may eventually increase.

“The cost of the OSAGO policy is calculated based on a number of factors – the driver’s experience, the power and age of the car, and a number of others. At the same time, the presence or absence of a diagnostic card does not affect the price. In the future, we do not exclude the possibility of using increasing coefficients when calculating OSAGO for drivers who have not passed the technical inspection, ”said Dmitry Pursanov, Managing Director, Director of the Retail Insurance Directorate of SberStrakhovanie to Izvestia.

The company “AlfaStrakhovanie” has repeatedly stated who have a negative attitude to the idea of ​​providing discounts on compulsory motor third party liability insurance for the passed technical inspection. Insurers explained this by the fact that there are no calculations that have determined the exact proportion of accidents that occurred precisely because of vehicle malfunctions.

Inspection checkpoint operators prepare to close

– The state tried to create a technical inspection system in the country. The idea was reasonable – to create a vehicle inspection system that would be free from corruption, controlled and weed out garbage from the roads. The Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs took up the implementation of the reform and were unable to create a system of technical inspection points, ”Anton Shaparin, vice president of the National Automobile Union (NAS), told Izvestia.


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Shaparin explained that the equipment for technical inspection points is very expensive, and the requirements for cars turned out to be excessive and unfulfillable in advance for most of the vehicle fleet. At the same time, a fine of 300 thousand rubles for technical inspection points for possible violations significantly reduced the attractiveness of this type of activity.

“Thus, in Russia it was possible to count less than 5 thousand points of technical inspection, which are localized in large cities. In cities with a population of 100-500 thousand people, 1–2 points were opened, and cities with a population of less than 100 thousand were left without any technical inspection points at all. As a result, they simply decided to cancel the system, ”the expert noted.

Shaparin also suggested that insurance companies will be able to use such innovations and raise tariffs in order to protect themselves from new possible risks, and will also be able to file recourse claims more often due to the malfunctioning of the car.

“Commercial vehicles will have problems”

Maxim Burdyugov, chairman of the Union of Technical Inspection Operators, told Izvestia that the new inspection points that were opened under the reform will now incur huge losses. According to him, in 20202021 opened 500600 new points. Investments in each of them amounted to 35 million rubles depending on the amount of equipment and the size of the premises. On the average, about 1 million rubles had to be spent on the retrofitting of each of the existing points.

“The RSA register contains about 3000 technical inspection points that work with categories M1 (cars with a capacity of no more than 8 passenger seats. – Ed.) And N1 (freight vehicles. – Ed.). They become unprofitable, no one will go to them. In general, most of the inspection points will be closed, since up to 85% of the traffic was provided by private transport. At the same time, commercial vehicles will have problems with passing technical inspection – there will be very few points for service.“, – says Burdyugov.


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Meanwhile, some former operators of the inspection points called the abandonment of this operation a logical step. For example, Yuriy Parkhomenko, General Director of the accredited testing center “ServicesAuto”, noted that he had long since abandoned maintenance due to unprofitable prices and switched to servicing and repairing cars. According to him, technical inspection has long become a formality.

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