Double of Juventus in Rome

Juventus prevailed over Lazio 2-0 thanks to two penalties by Leonardo Bonucci at “Olimpico” and caught it in 5th place in the standings.

Massimiliano Allegri’s ritiro took place and Juventus finds its footing with the third consecutive victory in a difficult game. After those against Zenit and Fiorentina, it came 2-0 against Lazio in “Olimpico” for the 13th game of Serie A.

The protagonist was Leonardo Bonucci, not only for his defensive contribution, but also for his executive. The Italian stopper took over the execution of the penalties won by his team, scored in both cases and for the first time in his career scored twice in the same match.

The “Bianconeri” lined up without the injured last minute Paulo Dimbala, but only in the 12th minute they lost another player, Danilo. Ten minutes later he left it all behind, when Danilo Cataldo illegally marked Alvaro Morata and Juventus won a penalty. The execution was not undertaken by either the Spaniard or Federico Chiesa, who were in the starting lineup, but by Bonucci, who defeated the (good on penalties) Pepe Reina.

The reaction of “lasiali” was not as expected. Mauricio Sari’s choice to play with Pedro at the top of the attack did not work out for him, with the hosts simply showing some misplaced shots that would not endanger Wojciech Sesni.

Juventus were the ones who came closest to the next goal with Manuel Locatelli and the ones who had the most dangerous attacks, until the 83rd minute, when Reina fell on a clearer penalty, with Bonucci “punishing” him and becoming the defender with the most goals in the league since 2010 (26 vs. 25 by Robin Gozens and Alessandro Florenzi).

Lazio: Reina, Isai, Felipe, Acerbi, Latsari, Milinkovic Savic, Cataldi (84 ‘Basic), Alberto, Anderson (75’ Moro), Pedro, Jackani (65 ‘Muriki)

Juventus: Cesni, Danilo (15 ‘Kulusevski), Bonucci, De Licht, Pellegrini, Cuadrado, Makeni, Locatelli (89’ Bentancourt), Rabio, Chiesa, Morata (74 ‘Kin)

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