Dozens of demonstrators outside the decentralized Council of Ministers in Faro | Government

About four dozen people, associated with the unions of teachers and tax workers, demonstrated this Thursday at the door of the building where the decentralized meeting of the Council of Ministers is taking place, in Faro, within the scope of the “Governo Closer” initiative. .

Protesters from the Union of Trade Unions of the Algarve, affiliated with the CGTP-IN, STOP – Union of All Teachers and the Union of Tax Workers gathered in Praça da Liberdade, where the headquarters of the Coordination and Regional Development Commission is located (CCDR) in the Algarve, stage of the executive meeting from 10 am.

Some of the demonstrators who were closer to the CCDR/Algarve headquarters were progressively moved away by the “cordon” of PSP agents to another location, about 150 meters away, while shouting “minister, listen, the people are in struggle”.

The second edition of the “Closer Government” started on Wednesday and ends today, with a program of over 60 initiatives in all municipalities in the district of Faro, with the presence of various ministers and secretaries of State.

“Proximity contacts were privileged, listening to local representatives and promoting the economic and social development of the region”, according to the executive.

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