Pediatrician Hans-Christian Gottschalk (72) was threatened.

Previously, vaccination teams had to beware of opponents of vaccination, but now the threat posed by those willing to vaccinate is also increasing. In Saxony, the police had to intervene.

Dresden – Suddenly under pressure from two sides: Whereas vaccination teams previously had to beware of militant vaccine opponents, the threat posed by those willing to vaccinate is now increasing. The police have had to intervene several times, and emergency services are reaching their limits.

Pediatrician Hans-Christian Gottschalk (72) was threatened. © Rafael Sampedro /

Since the right-wing extremist “Free Saxony” mobilized against him, pediatrician Hans-Christian Gottschalk (72) has to fight threats and intimidation, but now it is also brutal from another side: “On Friday there was one among those willing to vaccinate in Niesky very aggressive situation “, he confirms a report in the” Sächsische Zeitung. ” “It was the frustration, which is partly understandable.”

Much more had come to the vaccination than the helpers could take care of. “First we put a sign where nobody should get in line,” said Gottschalk. “This was always postponed. Then they said that if we closed, something would happen to us. The police had to come.”

One helper collapsed from the stress, but is now back on her feet.

Dresden: This is how Saxony is tightening the corona measures from today!
As of today, Saxony is tightening the corona measures!

“Of course people are frustrated,” said the doctor. “Sometimes they had to wait four and a half hours, some were there for the fourth time and many older people come for the booster vaccination, that’s unreasonable!”

In fact, the vaccination teams were intended for the last unvaccinated; the booster should actually be available from the family doctor. Only too few take part.

But the frustration in the queues is not only increasing in Niesky: “That is why we have now introduced security teams across the board,” says Kai Kranich (39), spokesman for the German Red Cross (DRK) in Saxony. “We don’t think that’s nice, but we have to think about self-protection.” So the police had to move to Eich in the Vogtland region.

The capacities of the vaccination teams have already been increased: if they were previously intended for 3,000 vaccinations a day, they managed 6459 pikse last Thursday, of which 1129 were first vaccinations. “We are still just the support,” said Kranich. “The main burden must be borne by the control structure.”

This Monday too, 30 mobile vaccination teams are on the road all over Saxony. Information on where to poke:

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