Driver "closed" and punched a delivery man, before bringing down motorcycle - Capital

“Esquentadinho” was accompanied by a child, according to the 24-year-old motorcyclist

Until now, the 24-year-old moto-deliverer, who had his motorcycle overturned by a driver in the Center of the Capital, says he did not understand where such aggressiveness from the unknown “esquentadinho” came from.

The flagrant was disclosed on the page Walking in Campo Grande and had more than 13,100 views. Faced with the repercussions and for fear of the driver, the motorcyclist asked that his identity not be disclosed in the report.

The motodeliverer says that the disagreement started after a “shave” by the driver on Avenida Calógeras. “I was following the lane in the middle of the avenue, when he ‘closed’ me on the left, without giving an arrow, without anything. I ‘joined’ the bike’s brakes and it skidded, but I didn’t fall,” he says.

Next, the worker says that he caught up with the Blazer driver and caught his attention. “Oh, man, you’re going to kill a family man. Don’t you look in the rearview mirror, don’t you? Pay attention”, the boy would have said. The “ear pulling” did not please the driver at all, who followed and “closed” the delivery truck once more. He was accompanied by a child, according to the boy.

The worker says that the stranger punched him in the arm, as he approached with the vehicle. Another security camera from an establishment that is right in front of where the fight took place caught the whole mess. It is possible to see that the motorcyclist was hit twice.

“That’s when I got off the bike and we started arguing. He still tried to get off, but the door got stuck on the bike. He then reversed and advanced on my motorcycle,” he recalls. The driver fled at high speed, but the boy says that he managed to record the vehicle’s license plate. He filed a police report on the case late on Tuesday (23).

The motodeliverer was not injured, but says he was frightened by the situation. He has been working for three years as a delivery person for cellphone parts and was even on his way to a client at the time of the attack.

“He said he had some other problem, he can only, because that alone justifies this type of behavior. He was very ‘hot’. This had never happened to me, but I know there will always be some more ‘blown out’ people. We never did. can doubt what the other is capable of doing”, he comments.

The damaged motorcycle belongs to the company where the motodeliverer works and has not yet been taken in for repair, so it is not yet possible to point out the size of the damage. Tomorrow he will continue on the stop, but with another bike.

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