Drug trafficking dispute is the main reason for shooting in Tancredo Neves

The drug trafficking dispute is pointed out as the main motivation for the shooting attack that left 10 people shot in the neighborhood of Tancredo Neves, last Friday (3).

“The territorial dispute over drug trafficking is the main indication of the motive for the crime, which is being explored in the investigations. We do not rule out other hypotheses, but this is the main one”, commented delegate Andréa Ribeiro.

More than 100 police officers from different operational departments of the Civil Police are working in an integrated operation, this Saturday (4), to identify and arrest those involved in the shooting in the neighborhood and also in Ribeira, which left three dead.

During the operation in the neighborhood of Tancredo Neves, cell phones, portions of synthetic marijuana, known as “K9” and money, were seized. Also according to the director of the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP), there is already an indication of authorship for the crimes.

“We are making progress in clarifying the crimes, especially in identifying those possibly involved,” he said.

Case in Ribeira

Regarding the case of Ribeira, according to the Civil Police, there is already an indication of authorship for the triple homicide in the neighborhood, however, the motivation is still undefined.

The DHPP director informed that the integrated operation will continue throughout the weekend.

“Between activities in the field and police intelligence, the investigations will continue and there will be no truce until we have the cases solved,” he said.

Teams from the Departments of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP), Crimes Against Property (DCCP), Metropolitan Police (Depom), Police Intelligence (DIP), Repression and Combating Organized Crime (Draco) participate in the actions. , the Interstate Police Coordination (Polinter) and the Coordination of Special Operations (COE).

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