Friday will usually start dry with clear spells, but a rain zone will move from the coast over the country around noon. In the Ardennes, precipitation falls as snow. The maximums fluctuate between 1 degree in the High Fens and 7 degrees at the sea. The wind can blow quite strong with gusts of up to 50 or 60 km/h. This is reported by the RMI.


Today at 06:33

Friday evening there is still snow in the Ardennes with the formation or further growth of a snow layer above 300 or 400 meters. Elsewhere there is rain, hail of dust or melting snow. It will become drier from the west during the second part of the night with broader clearings. The minimums are around +4 degrees at the sea and between -3 and +3 degrees elsewhere. The wind is weak inland.

Saturday It will be variable to partly cloudy with regular showers. In the west of the country there are rain showers, or in the heaviest showers rain and snow mixed. Rain or melting snow falls in the center of the country, and snow falls in the Ardennes. The maxima fluctuate around 0 or 1 degree at the Ardennes heights, between 2 and 5 degrees in the center and around 6 to 7 degrees in the far west. The wind is moderate to quite strong.

Sunday it is changeable with regular showers. On the coast, the showers can be intense and accompanied by a clap of thunder. The maximums fluctuate between 0 degrees in the High Fens and 6 degrees in the west. The wind is moderate to quite strong.

Monday it will be changeable with clear spells, cloud fields and a chance of a few showers. In the Ardennes, the showers have a winter character. The maximums are between 0 degrees in the High Ardennes and 7 degrees in the west. There is a moderate wind blowing.

Tuesday a disturbance is pulling through the country with rain and temporary winter precipitation in the Ardennes. Behind the disturbance, noticeably softer air flows towards our regions. The maximums fluctuate between 3 and 10 degrees in moderate winds.

Wednesday it would initially be cloudy with rain. After that it will be cloudy with a few showers. It will be quite mild with maximums of 5 to 9 degrees in moderate to fairly strong winds.

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