A fight was registered between two families inside a Spa in Andorra, after a person let out a flatulence and caused a whole discussion that later happened to blows.

According to the local media Altaveu, the fight started after a man approached another and let out flatulence in the dressing room of the Caldea Thermoludic Center.

The attacked man could not bear the act, so after initiating a verbal argument, they went to beatings and kicks, and immediately more members of the family got into the fight.

Spa security could not control the situation, so they called the authorities. In total, out of 12 people who got involved in the fight, 3 of them ended up arrested.

The man who let go of the flatulence, ended up with several blows to the face, while other people suffered cuts on their hands. Finally, according to the aforementioned media, those captured were released.

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