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Kid in the oven with honey, neck with honey and mustard, cheesecake medronho, cornucopia of beetroot and honey with Mousse goat cheese, honey pudding, Mousse medronho and coffeecrème brulee flambéed with medronho…

When it comes to the menu presented by the Gastronómica Medronho & Mel SW de Odemira, the job of choosing is not easy. It could even get complicated if we add the credits for the regional and conventual pastry, in tasting through azevias, broas, alcóncoras or popias​, pies, biscuits and cheesecakes.

Promoted by the municipality, between the 25th of March and the 2nd of April, the initiative took place at nine restaurants and pastry shops in the municipality (see box), which joined the cause to make this duo from Odemira known, either as central elements of dishes, snacks and desserts, whether in self-tasting, by the glass or by the spoonful.

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All to promote the tradition and quality of local ingredients – which, notes the municipality, are “considered strategic for the development and economic dynamism of the municipality” – and, along the way, show that there are more waves to surf on these beaches.

To give substance to the programme, and in partnership with Arbutus – Association for the Promotion of Medronho, visits to medronho transformation units are promoted, to unveil the Secrets of Medronho do SW. They pass through São Luís, São Teotónio, Taliscas, Quebradinha and Vale Porquinho and take place every day, between March 27th and April 1st (respective calendar available here). Participation is free, but subject to enrollment.

In the same basket fits the Tasting Secrets of Medronhoscheduled for the 31st of March, at 5.30 pm, at Espaço Escolha (Odemira), where you can taste brandies and cocktails based on red fruit, along with a workshop cooking and musical entertainment.

Is there a medronho? Or, if you prefer, add arbutus and honey and toast with honey.

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