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Nothing stands in the way of the Dutch Crown Princess Amalia to marry a woman, if she so desires. Prime Minister Mark Rutte answered questions about possible problems with the succession. Recently, a fuss had arisen in the Netherlands about that scenario, after an expert had written in a new book that Amalia would not be allowed to succeed her father in that case.

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Princess Amalia will turn eighteen on December 7. According to politician Peter Rehwinkel, the Dutch government decided in 2000 that the heir to the throne would give up his or her rights to the throne if he or she were to marry someone of the same sex, because no children can be born from a same-sex marriage and there is thus no hereditary heir to the throne. would be.

The VVD, Rutte’s party, wanted to know during a parliamentary debate on Tuesday from the Prime Minister whether Amalia should renounce the throne if she wanted to marry a partner of the same sex. But according to Rutte, that is not the case.

Rutte did acknowledge that the Dutch constitution is somewhat outdated in that regard, because it is based on hereditary succession. However, modern family law in the Netherlands is no longer exclusively based on children who are descended from their parents. According to Rutte, “tension” can therefore arise between the two principles.

But that is a problem for the distant future, Rutte said: according to the Prime Minister, a future government and parliament can consider the succession “in due course”, if the family of the heir apparent contains children who do not belong to him or her. descended.

To be clear: there is currently no indication that Princess Amalia is even considering getting married to anyone, man or woman…

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