Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson still in front of the camera together

Dwayne Johnson is a reflective battering ram. Some of his statements come like a punch, for example when he torpedoed his Fast & Furious return with ridicule against Vin Diesel. With new statements about the quarrel with the action opponent, he is on the one hand unforgiving, but also thoughtful: He now regrets one aspect of the argument.

Dwayne Johnson makes fun of Vin Diesel’s “bullshit” again

A few months after the big Johnson-Diesel rift, The Rock’s dislike has not changed much. Back then, Vin Diesel was a bit tough on the Fast & Furious sets arrogant as a strategy for better acting performance and dropped the name of the genius director Federico Fellini.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson still in front of the camera together

Johnson replied that he had “laughed a lot” and mockingly wished the franchise future success without him. He is now digging up this reaction again (via Vanity Fair ):

Part of me thought, “I’ll never give an answer to this bullshit in my life”. But when I feel that things need to be sorted out, I do it too. It’s that simple. So when I read this, I laughed a lot. We all did. And Fellini must be laughing along somewhere.

Dwayne Johnson explains the big difference between himself and Vin Diesel

The rift between the two first became public when, after shooting Fast & Furious 8, Johnson called some of his male colleagues online as “candy asses“(Sissies).

After that there was apparently a peace negotiation between the action alpha characters, about which The Rock has now revealed some details:

I wouldn’t call it a peace negotiation, rather a clarifying meeting. […] We realized that our filmmaking philosophies are completely different. […] My philosophy is to work hard every day and to see all filmmakers, no matter where they are, as equal partners [, denn sie] put just as much time and hard work into it.

Dwayne Johnson’s next big project: watch the trailer for Red Notice

Red Notice – Trailer (Deutsch) HD


There is one thing that Dwayne Johnson regrets when he quarrels with Vin Diesel

Johnson leaves his version of Diesel’s philosophy to the imagination of the reader. With his new statements, he stands by his previous behavior. With one exception: His handling of that “candy asses”– He is embarrassed about the incident today.

It set off a firestorm, as if every crew member suddenly wanted to thank me. But it wasn’t my best idea, all of that [auf Instagram] to share. I shouldn’t have shared itbecause it ultimately contradicts my DNA. I deal with bullshit like this privately, the public doesn’t need to know. I stand by my words. I just didn’t have to say it publicly.

So Dwayne Johnson’s anger may have cooled but his attitude remains the same. In contrast, Diesel has not yet commented on the recent rift. Maybe so that you won’t have to regret anything later. Perhaps Fellini would have done something similar.

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