E313 direction Kempen completely closed due to accident in Ran... (Ranst)

Due to an accident with a truck in Ranst, the E313 is completely closed in the direction of the Kempen and Hasselt. The Traffic Center calls on people to avoid the area. “Traffic from Antwerp to Hasselt is best done via Brussels.”

It threatens to become a busy evening rush hour in and around Antwerp. After previous accidents on the Ring and the E313 in the direction of Antwerp, the E313 in the direction of Hasselt is now completely blocked. “A truck is standing right across the road,” says Peter Bruyninckx of the Flemish Traffic Center.

As a result of the accident, traffic on the highway has come to a complete standstill, between the junction with the E34 and the accident site, the highway is stuck for a mile and a half. “The road police have now physically closed the highway and all traffic is sent via the E34,” said Bruyninckx. Via the exits Zoersel and Kasterlee, motorists can then return to the E313 along the regional roads past the accident. “These are long detours”, warns Bruyninckx. It is expected that traffic nuisance will also arise on the underlying road network.

“We recommend avoiding the E313. If you want to go from Antwerp to Hasselt, it is best to take a detour via Brussels,” says the Traffic Center. “Keep in mind that the evening rush hour also starts in Brussels.”

It is unclear for the time being how long the highway will be blocked, or whether the traffic that is stuck behind the accident will be allowed to turn around has not yet been decided.


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