Economic Actors Channel: There is a legal standard for contractual relationships between private MSMEs and foreign trade entities

In a statement, the Economic Actors Channel clarifies that MSMEs are forms of state management and, as such, the possibilities of establishing contractual relationships with foreign trade entities are regulated in Resolution 315/2020 of the Mincex. “No additional indication is required,” he clarifies.

With the note, the Economic Actors Channel of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) responds to “the concerns we have received about the refusal of importing and exporting state companies to contract with micro, small and medium-sized companies.”

In this sense, it ratifies that “as of the promulgation of Resolution 315 dated August 13, 2020 of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, the possibility of establishing contractual relationships between the entities authorized to carry out activities was approved. foreign trade and forms of non-state management.

“For the purposes of said rule, non-state forms of management are understood to be Cuban natural and legal persons who carry out legally authorized commercial and service activities and who do not belong to the state sector of the economy and do not constitute forms of foreign investment.

“In this sense Micro, small and medium-sized private companies are forms of non-state management, so the entities authorized to carry out foreign trade activities are empowered to establish contractual relationships with them.“, Explain.

And concludes that “Taking into account the above, no additional indication is required for these contractual relationships to be established as there is a legal standard that supports them”.

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