This was the meeting in Gardey.

They carried out in one of the most populated rural areas of Tandil such as Gardey, activities framed in the “Transformative Women” and “Rural Women” programs. The main axes were linked to undertakings and issues related to production, costs and marketing.

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The proposal, which had an important participation, was in charge of the Directorates of Industry, Commerce and Business Development, Tourism and Agrarian Affairs of the Secretariat of Productive Development and International Relations of Tandil.

This was the meeting in Gardey.

In Tandil, the program “Transforming Women 2021” seeks to consolidate gender equality and support the potential of women in productive and work development, which has four lines of action:

  • Entrepreneurial women “We do”.
  • Professional women.
  • Businesswomen.
  • Rural women.

This talk was the first activity of the line “Rural Women” and it was held in commemoration of the International Day of Rural Women, which will be on October 15, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

According to figures from that body, rural women make up 43% of the agricultural workforce, and in their daily work of tilling the land and planting seeds, they are helping to ensure food for their communities, as well as to provide food for entire nations.

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