Ecuadorian Parliament dismisses the ombudsman |  News

The Ecuadorian National Assembly approved on Wednesday by a majority the dismissal of the Ombudsman, Freddy Carrión for failure to perform his duties.


Ombudsman Appears in Political Trial in Ecuador

Through its Twitter account, the legislative body reported on the result of the vote on the motion of censure and subsequent removal of Carrión.

With 136 assembly members present on the premises, 75 legislators voted in favor of the motion that proposed sanctioning the official, while 47 spoke out against it and 14 abstained.

Parliament was installed on Tuesday to politically prosecute Carrión, and he was removed from his post.

During the day, Assemblyman Ricardo Vanegas (Pachakutik) and Yeseña Guamaní (Democratic Left), presented the reasons for promoting the request for prosecution for non-compliance with functions.

According to the interpellants, Carrión failed to fulfill his duties, having attended a social meeting on May 15 at the home of the former Minister of Health Mauro Falconí, when using the institutional vehicle and with the security of the National Police.

The motion of censure was supported by the Democratic Left banks, the Social Christian Party, the Pachakutik Plurinational Unity Movement and assembly members from independent organizations.

In addition to his censure and dismissal, the motion proposed to forward the impeachment file to the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Office of the Prosecutor and the General Command of the Police to initiate a special examination for the misuse of public property and resources during the fiscal year. of the position and determine responsibilities.

Freddy Carrión has been serving a preventive detention order since May following the report of an alleged act of sexual violence committed during the meeting in which former Minister Falconí and the latter’s partner participated, who were allegedly attacked.

The exombudsman considers that the process against him is a political persecution for denouncing crimes against humanity perpetrated during the 11 consecutive days of national protest against the Government of Lenín Moreno in October 2019.

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