Eduardo Rodríguez talked about the latest offer from the Red Sox

The new pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, Eduardo Rodriguez, broke the silence and spoke about the offer what did the Red Sox from Boston to play with them in the 2022 season of Major League Baseball – MLB.

Through the press conference where he was officially introduced as a player for the Detroit Tigers, left-handed Eduardo Rodríguez took the opportunity to speak as they say in Venezuela, “clear and raspao” about that qualified offer made by the Red Sox to retain him for another year in the majors, where he admitted that was never an option.

Rodriguez made it clear that he never considered the qualifying offer from the Red Sox and that he never intended to sign a new contract with that organization in MLB, as that $ 18.4 million was nowhere near what the Tigers put on the table for him. .

“I’ll be honest. They prefer $ 18 (million) or $ 77 (million), ”said E-Rod, where he clarified many doubts and made clear things that people wanted to know.

The Venezuelan left-hander Rodríguez, as any sane player would have done, preferred the higher sum and signed his contract with the Tigers for $ 77 million and five major league seasons, where he says it was the best decision he could make.

“I know they wanted me to go back there, but it’s time for me to move and start the new part of my life,” added the Venezuelan about the Red Sox.

New contract

The Valencian agreed with Detroit a contract of five (5) seasons, for a total of $ 77 million dollars, where he is guaranteed an average annual salary of $ 15.4 million and can reach $ 80 million if the bonuses are met.

This is how it comes to the Tigres

Since its debut in 2015, E-Rod has a lifetime record in the MLB 64-39, 4.16 ERA in 159 games (856.2 innigs of labor), 892 strikeouts and 294 walks. Plus, it boasts a World Series ring.

With information from Mass Live.

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