Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro submitted his resignation to the Ministry of the Interior and opened the door to a massive departure of officials

Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro and 10 other officials who respond to Cristina Kirchner they made their resignation available after the defeat in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (STEP), according to a letter to which he agreed In this way, the pressure of the vice president increases so that Alberto Fernandez make changes to the cabinet.

It is, in addition to the Minister of the Interior of the Nation, Martin Soria (Justice minister); Roberto Salvarezza (Science); Tristán Bauer (Culture); Jorge Ferraresi (Minister of Habitat); Juan Cabandié (Atmosphere); Luana Volnovich (PAMI); Fernanda Raverta (ANSES); Paula Spanish (Secretary of Internal Trade); Martin Sabbatella (President of the Matanza Riachuelo Basin Authority) and Pablo Ceriani (owner of Aerolineas Argentinas).

“I am hereby motivated to put at your disposal my resignation from the position of Minister of the Interior of the Nation with which I have been honored since December 10, 2019,” said De Pedro in the letter released by his spokesmen.

And I add: “Listening to his words on Sunday night where he raised the need to interpret the verdict expressed by the Argentine people, I have considered that the best way to collaborate with that task is putting my resignation at your disposal ”.

Sources from the Casa Rosada told that the Minister of the Interior I have not yet formally sent his intention to decline the position and that he only spread it to the media.

This “Wado” letter from Pedro comes at a time of maximum tension between President Alberto Fernández and his vice, Cristina Kirchner, who demands immediate changes in the cabinet after the defeat in the PASO. Aim, among other officials, to the Chief of Cabinet Santiago Cafiero and to the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán, who this Wednesday was together with Alberto Fernández.

As revealed, the president and Cristina Kirchner met on Tuesday night to outline the strategy for November. The content of that conversation has not yet emerged. In fact, Alberto Fernández supported his minister: “We had to manage a very difficult economy”.

By making their resignations available, these officials “push” other ministers to do so as well. The pressure for changes in the Cabinet on the part of the hard sectors of Kirchnerism is public and forces the President of the Nation to accept or deny these requests.

Earlier, the ministers who make up the cabinet of Axel Kicillof in the province of Buenos Aires had put their resignation at the disposal of the governor after the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (STEP).

“That’s right, we have made our place of responsibility available to you and the Governor must define who he wants to continue with and who he does not want, what is your vision of the cabinet for the future ”, assured the Buenos Aires Minister of Government Teresa García in dialogue with Network.

On your side, Sergio Massa, head of the Chamber of Deputies and one of the visible faces of the campaign heading to the elections STEP 2021, called an emergency meeting of the Renewing Front for Wednesday afternoon.

The secret meeting between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner

After the defeat in PASO 2021, the president Alberto Fernandez and the vice president Cristina Kirchner held a meeting on Tuesday night at the Presidential Quinta de Olivos to order the internment of the Frente de Todos, official sources confirmed to

The blow that the Frente de Todos received in PASO 2021 shook the interior of the Casa Rosada and left it red-hot. Various leaders came out to ask for concrete measures to alleviate the serious economic crisis and “inject money into people’s pockets”. Own Axel Kicillof spoke of the need to start showing more management. The contacts between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner had been anticipated by the journalist Adrián Ventura.

Before this wave of resignations hit the Casa Rosada, close to President Alberto Fernández they assured that there would be no changes in the cabinet. However, this situation modifies the panorama.

The Government is working on defining the shock of economic measures who will advertise to try turn defeat at the national level in the STEP 2021 elections. TN, this Wednesday on the table there is a reinforcement bonus of $ 5000 for the retired and pensioners, which would be collected in October, and a 50% increase in the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), which would be implemented between October and December.

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