Education union says 96% are against guardianship proposals | stop union

The Union of All Education Professionals (Stop) announced this Thursday that 96% of the thousands of school employees surveyed by the union rejected the Ministry of Education’s proposals, which are once again the subject of negotiations.

“We consulted our members and non-members, teachers and education professionals, about the ministry’s proposals and we already have the first results: There are thousands and thousands who participated and the rejection was over 96% of schools across the country”, announced the leader of Stop.

Trade unions and the ministry started in September the negotiation process on a new regime for recruiting and placing teachers and still have not reached an agreement.

Upon arrival at the Ministry of Education, before entering yet another negotiation round with the guardianship, André Pestana anticipated that the situation should remain unchanged after this Thursday’s meeting.

“Unfortunately the Minister of Education is not meeting the demands”, he said, recalling that, in addition to the proposal that the Government has on the table, education professionals demand the recovery of the frozen service time, the end of vacancies and quotas for access to the 5th and 7th levels or an increase of 120 euros for teachers and other professionals.

André Pestana also said he hoped that Minister João Costa “has the sense” to accept the claims, noting that schools started a strike process in early December that could extend beyond March 10, the last day for which there is a strike. , at this moment, notice of strike by Stop.

“On December 9th, we started a fight that will continue until the majority of education professionals say they are in agreement (…) Until then, we will continue to launch strike notices”, he said, when asked about the possibility of the strike goes on.

On Saturday, Stop holds another national march that will end in front of the Assembly of the Republic, with a “permanent vigil until the end of the month”.

For three days, “hundreds of education professionals” will camp in front of parliament: “We want to shame the State for the way it is treating education professionals”, said André Pestana, who hopes to attract the attention of the international media, a staging is planned in which gagged people will be present.

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