The illegal trip started off the coast of Miches, survivors say.

Miches. At least eight people lost their lives and 23 were rescued alive when a boat that was trying to illegally reach the neighboring island of Puerto Rico capsized early yesterday morning.

The shipwreck occurred near the coast of Miches and Celedonio beach, leaving at least 11 people missing. Of the eight people killed in the shipwreck, six are women and two are men, while 15 of those rescued are men and seven are women.

The Civil Defense reported in its Twitter account that its personnel stationed in El Seibo managed to rescue 23 people alive “out of 42 who were on board a boat that capsized, near the Celedonio coast, in the municipality of Miches. ”.

The agency added that the 23 people rescued were dehydrated.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Navy ordered the arrest of the 23 rescued survivors, who were taken to the Navy crew in Miches, where they were interrogated last night.

“Six teams from the rescue unit, divers and coast guard personnel” are actively searching the area to save lives and prevent further human losses, “said the spokesman for the Dominican Republic Navy, José Vásquez.

The shipwreck occurs at a time when the authorities present alerts of adverse maritime conditions for fragile and small vessels, due to atmospheric conditions.

The Navy spokesman, José Vásquez, said the nationality and identity of the disappeared was unknown.

For now, he said, “we are focused on the search for possible survivors.”

Bad weather

In a statement released by social networks, the Navy regretted what happened, especially when the authorities have issued alerts due to the current adverse maritime conditions for fragile and small vessels “in that area.

“Despite the alerts issued of adverse maritime conditions for fragile and small vessels due to atmospheric conditions, these unscrupulous groups that engage in illegal trips put the lives of these people at risk, leaving clandestinely under hostile atmospheric conditions. The institution maintains the best efforts to continue rescuing anyone who is still in the water ”.

Dominicans insist on illegal crossing

Hundreds of Dominicans have tried to travel illegally to Puerto Rico so far this year. Earlier this month, 77 Dominican migrants and 6 Haitians traveling by yola to Puerto Rico were detained by the Coast Guard. On that occasion, the Coast Guard crew Joseph Napier transferred 77 Dominican migrants and six Haitians to a Dominican Republic Navy ship near Punta Cana on Wednesday.

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