El Hormiguero: This is how Tamara Falc bargains: "I ask the price, they tell me and I say okay because everything seems fine to me"




Cas usual since last season, ‘The Hormiguero’ has said goodbye this Thursday to the week with the news gathering, in which Pablo Motos, Cristina Pardo, Juan del Val, Nuria Roca Y Tamara Falc have reviewed the issues that have marked the news this week.

Nuria Roca and Juan del Val’s trip to Turkey

Nuria Roca Y Juan del Val They have remembered their trip to Turkey last Christmas. The couple has confessed that they have bought many things, although for him some without much sense. “We have bought many completely useless things. Well she has bought them, she has come to buy black pepper as if there were not here. And on top of that she did not haggle,” he stressed. Tamara Falc He has confessed that he understands the presenter of ‘The rock’ because she’s not good at haggling. “I understand it, go to the bazaar and see all those colors … And then haggling, which is fatal to me. The guides told me to haggle because there it is an insult not to haggle, but everything is It seemed good, “he commented. “What is your strategy to dribble?” Pablo Motos asked him. “I ask how much it costs, they tell me a price and I say okay,” replied the Marchioness of Grin.

Tamara Falc’s Christmas

“I was in Miami and we did compulsive shopping. I call them that because you don’t need anything. It’s an activity that the girls do and the victim this year was my poor nephew who is 18 years old and we took him shopping.”

Cristina Pardo’s Christmas

“I continued with my psychopath against Covid-19 because I have not passed it. This Christmas I had a very bad time because I had to reach the bells, half of the people were infected and you could not make plans … I have passed it really bad”.

Gripalizar la Covid-19

Cristina Pardo: “I think we are facing a political, economic and mental health issue, in this way the message is launched that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Nuria Roca: “It is more disturbing that the WHO says one thing and the Government another, that they tell the truth, there is an economic issue and it must work like that, but they say it.”

Juan del Val: “I think we are all going to win, I think that overinformation, opening every day with global data that has no nuance, is destroying us.”

Pablo Motos: “I think that the story wins here, the story that enters through more places, that’s what you think, and the story is usually decided by politicians more than technicians.”

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