'El Ingeniero Palos', UFO researcher, dies

After years of struggle against diabetes, Enrique Palos García died yesterday at the age of 92, who was director of the first generation of Communication Sciences at the University of Bajío (UBAC), now Universidad De La Salle Bajío, in 1975 to 1976.

In addition to being passionate about investigating extraterrestrial cases, Don Enrique was a painter, adventurer, journalist, writer, politician and a lover of life.

Just last October he released the publication of his latest book entitled “The Sphinx’s Gaze”, in which he maintains the thesis that alien beings were on earth 4,500 years ago and built the enigmatic pyramids of the world. , like that of Giza in Egypt.

Don Enrique Palos García was born on February 7, 1931 in León. His former students knew him as “El Ingeniero Palos”, although he acknowledged that he never completed this degree, and that his studies lasted until the last year of high school, at the Franco Correa school in Mexico City.

In the last interview with AM, last September, he revealed that his great passion was reading books, writing and researching on the subject of aliens.

Palos García published a series of works such as: “Inquietudes” (poems and notes) in 1950, “Victims” (novel) in 1951, “File of a reporter”, “Symphony of life”, “Perspectives” (volume 1 and 2) and “The gaze of the sphinx.”

In 1960 he founded the real estate company “Ciudad Satélite Lomas de las Hilamas”, being sole administrator until 1979.

“He is a genius, a student of the subject; It is admirable how at his age he still remembers a great deal of information, ”said Verónica Domínguez Vallejo, his partner for 43 years, with whom he had four children.

Enrique Palos García, better known as “El Ingeniero Palos”, along with his wife and children. Photos: Specials

Don Enrique was so passionate about UFOs that in Las Hilamas, where he had his residence, he promoted a gastronomic center and within it he built a pizza restaurant in the shape of a UFO.

Palos Garcías, who also wrote under the pseudonym “El Conde de las Hilamas”, planned the construction of the Ciudad Satélite Lomas de las Hilamas subdivision, developing a first section with the sale of more than 1,500 popular-type lots.

In addition, he was vice president and coordinator of the Board of Directors of the Society of Parents of La Salle, in secondary and primary.

He ventured into the art of painting in 1977 and exhibited 20 oil paintings.

In 1979 he was a candidate for the municipal presidency of León by the PARM; in 1985 for governor and in 1988 for senator.

In 1991 he joined the Rotary Club of León Estadio and was president for the period 1995-1996.

He was a tireless traveler who visited countries in the Far East and Europe, as well as the United States.

Rest in peace “El Ingeniero Palos”, whose remains are being veiled in Gayosso.

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