Elected Mayor of Irapuato will assume responsibility as of October

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- It will be until the first minute of October 10 that the elected mayor, Lorena Alfaro García, will be the administrative, legal, political and social manager of the municipality of Irapuato.

Alfaro García said that The rule of law must prevail in the different litigation faced by the current administration and the sensitivity to put the best interests of the people of Iran and the city first.

Noted that in his time in office he will focus on building peace; Therefore, dialogue, agreement, agreements and unity will be the values ​​that prevail in the exercise of their government.

Expressed that is knowledgeable about the challenges facing the municipality, among which is the improvement of public services, peace for families, employment, human development, education for young people, health security due to the pandemic; as well as the attention to eradicate violence against women, will be the main and transversal axes of the new city council that she will lead.

He summoned the inhabitants of the municipality to work in unity with her, to achieve the construction of a city with value.

Mayor Elect presents her Transition Committee

Lorena Alfaro unveiled her Transition Committee and the elected members of the different political forces that will make up the City Council 2021-2024.

He also announced that 100% of dependencies have been supervised municipal.

We are going to govern Irapuato all and all, and the political forces represented here are important, they enrich the government plan with their points of view and their opinions, we are going to work together for this great city, “he said.

The transition team

  • Lourdes Liliana Pérez Mares / Trustee Elected by the PAN.
  • Liliana Flores Rodríguez / Councilor Elect by the PAN.
  • Christian Enríquez Hernández / Councilor Elect by the PAN.
  • Evelia Mortera Mosqueda / Councilor Elected by Morena.
  • Araceli Raquel Beltrán Ramírez / Independent Elected Councilor.
  • Luis Felipe Ipiens Humara / Councilor Elected by the PRI.
  • María Fernanda Martínez Arriaga / Councilor Elected by MC.
  • Víctor Carlos Armas Zagoya / Transition Coordinator.
  • Gerardo Barroso Rangel / Private Secretary of the President-Elect.
  • Álvaro Pereira Luna / Technical Secretary of the Transition Committee.
  • Salvador Alonso Ruiz García / Responsible for the legal, regulatory and administrative analysis of the transition of the H. Ayuntamiento 2021 -2024.

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