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The main candidates for national deputies for the city of Buenos Aires will meet this Thursday, October 13 on the Todo Noticias channel to participate in the first television debate prior to the legislative elections of November 14.

Maria Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro santoro (Front of All), Javier Milei (Freedom advances) and Myriam Bregman (Front Left) they will try in the program “Yours” the themes of institutional quality, security and justice; health policy in pandemic; and economics, education and work.

In the open, simultaneous and compulsory primaries (STEP) of September 12, Vidal, according to the data of the final scrutiny, obtained 32.98% of the total, and Together for Change also added the votes of Ricardo López Murphy (11.20%) and Adolfo Rubinstein (3.98%), totaling 48.17% of the total for the opposition space.

Santoro, from the Front of All, was left with 24.71% of the votes, while mercy, from Avanza Libertad, obtained 13.70%. In addition, Bregman, from “Unity of the Left”, got 5.36% of the total electorate

Luis Zamora, from Self-determination and Freedom, who in the PASO reached 2.64% of the total votes, He announced that he will not participate in the debate. “We propose another debate of CABA candidates, since the TN channel maintains its position of preventing us from participating,” he said in a statement.

Leandro Santoro, Myriam Bregman, Javier Milei and María Eugenia Vidal, the candidates for deputy in the City of Buenos Aires.

Next, the main definitions of the candidates for deputy in the City of Buenos Aires:


María Eugenia Vidal (Together):

  • “I want to propose that we accompany the proposal that the President ask Aníbal Fernández to resign, because what happened was unacceptable, it crossed a limit.”
  • “What I have come to propose is how to get to an exit and that our children do not leave.”
  • “On September 12, 9 million Argentines voted for Juntos to have a majority in Congress.”

Leandro Santoro (In Front of All):

  • “I believe in people, friendship, the power of solidarity. I believe in a developed Argentina. I do not believe in those who know everyone and the absolute truth.”
  • “Empathy and sensitivity are key to a just society. I want to build a country with equality and opportunity.”
  • “I fight for social justice, economic independence and political sovereignty.” We defend politics and the market. “

Javier Milei (Advance Freedom):

  • “I scream a lot because I am outraged and tired by the political caste.”
  • “If we continue like this, in 50 years we will be the largest slum in the world.”
  • “They are afraid of me, yes I am fear for the political caste.”

Myriam Bregman (Front Left):

  • “The PASO campaign was a campaign devoid of proposals.”
  • “The FIT will reaffirm its ideas, we are the third force in the whole country.”
  • “‘Two years ago it was voted to remove Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal but the panorama did not change much.”
  • “What is at stake is whether the left will be in Congress.”

Elections 2021: the debate of Vidal, Milei, Santoro and Bregman, in photos


María Eugenia Vidal (Together):

  • “For there to be institutional quality, there has to be alternation.”
  • “For there to be security and justification, there must be equality before the law because that way there are no privileges in politics and the mafias do not advance.”
  • “We are honest people, who care about security and we show it to you when we govern.”
  • “You are going to have to choose between a formula that frees prisoners and another in which security and justice are not negotiable.”
  • “Fighting against privileges is demanding DDJJ from the police, ending the retirement of privileges and the barons that have been in place for 25 years.”

Leandro Santoro (In Front of All):

  • “Security in the City of Buenos Aires is a problem for the Buenos Aires head of government.”
  • “There is an error in the political leadership of the force and in the use of resources.”
  • “In the City, in addition to squandering material resources, we squander human resources.”

Javier Milei (Advance Freedom):

  • “The State is there to take care of life, take care of property. But also the Constitution is there to protect us from the State.”
  • “Aren’t we in a failed state where the Security Minister uses personal information to persecute?”
  • “The republic is lost because the Justice does not act, the Executive Power is tyrannical and the Congress is an oligarchy.”

Myriam Bregman (Front Left):

  • “They told you stay at home and photos like the one from Olivos or the one of Elisa Carrió’s mariachis would appear.”
  • “None of the present forces wants to seriously interfere with the economic power. There are those who move the country.”


María Eugenia Vidal (Together):

  • “We are worse than in December 2019 with poverty. The country is more in debt, and you are more in debt.”
  • “There is a feeling that there is no way out. But there is. It is not easy, it is not fast but it is possible.”
  • “We have to progress by breaking our souls and not receiving from above.”
  • “The country must open up to export and stop issuing so that we do not pay with inflation.”

Leandro Santoro (In Front of All):

  • “The recurring problem of the crisis in Argentina is the lack of dollars.”
  • “We must end the negotiated friends of power.”

Javier Milei (Advance Freedom):

  • “The political caste adheres to an idea. Where there is a need, there is a right. The problem is that the needs are infinite. And someone pays for that. And the resources are finite.”
  • “They kill us in taxes, drown companies and kill growth.”
  • “Argentina does not stop falling because it is the model of fiscal inconsistency, with an increasingly large State.”
  • “It is a decadent model that only favored the political caste.”

Myriam Bregman (Front Left):

  • “The whole right tells us that the fewer rights workers have, the more work there will be.”
  • “It is false that the less rights, the more work” Today youth work without rights. “
  • “The government is giving benefits to agribusiness to mining companies and automakers. This is not working either. It generates more inequality.”

“They are afraid of me” and “the Republic is broken”: Javier Milei’s phrases in the Buenos Aires debate


María Eugenia Vidal (Together):

  • “What is done is more important than what is said. There are no opinions regarding the pandemic.”
  • “In the National Government, militants were vaccinated before your grandparents or your parents.”

Leandro Santoro (In Front of All):

  • “We faced a super complex pandemic. However, no one was short of an intensive care bed or a ventilator.”
  • “The Government made an enormous effort to put the destroyed health system left by Mauricio Macri in condition.”

Javier Milei (Advance Freedom):

  • “The strategy we had to carry out in order to face the coronavirus pandemic was simple: do tests.”
  • “This government, for not stopping stealing, decided to condemn thousands of Argentines to death.”
  • “If Argentina had done things as a mediocre country, there would have been only 25 thousand deaths.”
  • “They did not test for thieves and for doing business with vaccines.”

Myriam Bregman (Front Left):

  • “The Government cut the proposal for Covid-19, the IFE and all the measures that served to assist the people shortly after the second wave of coronavirus arrived.”


María Eugenia Vidal (Together) to Leandro Santoro (In Front of All): Don’t you think Alberto Fernández and Cristina have to ask Aníbal Fernández to resign? “

  • “It is a discussion that I have to give in my political space. The question that I sometimes ask myself is the following: What is wrong with you who let your political boss investigate you? That is more fucked up than sending a wrong tweet like the one that Hannibal sent and yet did not generate his repudiation. “

Leandro Santoro (In Front of All) to María Eugenia Vidal (Together): “How did you imagine the IMF loan was repaid?”

  • “For those who do not have credit, there is never a debt possible to pay. If we had won the election, the world that if they trusted us would have given us credit. Of course we would have had better terms. The problem is the lack of trust that your government, errors and mistakes, lack of perspective, plan and direction “.

Myriam Bregman (Left Front) to Javier Milei (Avanza Libertad): “Do you consider murder aggravated by the bond even the termination of the pregnancy of a girl who was raped?”

  • “It is a fallacy. As a liberal, I believe in the unrestricted respect of the life project of others, based on the principle of the right to life, property and freedom. I defend life. Biology says that life begins from conception” .

Vidal started the debate by demanding that Alberto ask Aníbal Fernández to resign


María Eugenia Vidal (Together):

  • “A huge opportunity appeared. The opportunity to build a majority in deputies against a government that lies and disrespects.”

Leandro Santoro (In Front of All):

  • “This past year and a half was difficult. But we are coming out little by little.”
  • “We are not going to allow people to go into debt irresponsibly again.”
  • “Nor are we going to allow the rates to drown families.”

Javier Milei (Advance Freedom):

  • “He comes to defend the model of freedom, that of liberalism, based on unrestricted respect for the life project of others.”
  • “There is a better future. But that better future is possible only if that future is liberal. Long live freedom, damn it!”

Myriam Bregman (Front Left:

  • “Everyone present is going to vote on the agreement with the IMF, whatever the agreement says.”
  • “The two main political forces are detonated from within.”


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