Former President Lula in celebration of his birthday

A good part of the PT leadership is convinced that the presidential election is decided, and Lula takes office on January 1, 2023. The enthusiasm derives from favoritism in electoral polls.

According to the calendar, there are eight and a half months left for the first electoral round. In politics, this is an eternity, but for part of the PT members, time is already a mere detail.

Therefore, more time is currently spent in the party on discussions about the format of a future government than on the current election.

There are plans left, basically divided into two axes: revocations, or revisions of the past, and new projects, the old proposals that did not advance in the Lula and Dilma administrations.

For many in the PT, to revoke means to revive. The list of projected write-offs has a central focus on economics. It includes labor legislation, public spending ceiling, privatization and Central Bank autonomy, among other things.

In the list of new projects, the creation of a new public bank, in consortium with Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, stands out. A possible invitation to Venezuela is being discussed.

A touch of realism appears in a consensual aspect: everything will depend on the voters. Only 34 weeks to go.

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