Elections Germany: Battle for the undecided - The latest polls

In recent days, German parties have been waging a street race to win the votes of undecided citizens ahead of Sunday’s election. Until Saturday, small and large rallies will take place, polling stations will operate on sidewalks and squares, and the candidate candidates will visit homes. At the center of their interest are the undecided.

In a German Second Program (ZDF) poll, 35% of those polled are unsure if they will even run in the election and if so, which party they will vote for. This high number of undecided makes it impossible for polling institutes to predict which party will emerge first on Sunday.

However, the ZDF poll also shows that the Social Democrats are the first party, which has 25%. In second place are the Christian parties CDU and CSU, which increase their percentage by one point to 23%. The Greens are at 16.5% (+ 0.5%), the far right AfD at 10% (-1%), the Liberals at 11% and the Left Party at 6%. The most popular candidate for the post of chancellor is also in this poll the Social Democrat Olaf Soltz. 47% of respondents would prefer him for chancellor, 20% for the candidate of the Christian parties, Armin Lasset, and 16% for the politician of the Greens, Annalena Berbock.

The fact that Olaf Solz has almost twice the percentage of the SPD is explained by the criteria by which citizens in Germany vote, according to Deutsche Welle. In a YouGov poll, for only 7% of respondents, the decisive criterion for voting for a party is the person. 38% decide based on the program positions of the parties and 44% state that person and content are equally important.

Source: Nation

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