Electoral Council of Honduras urges to vote next November 28 |  News

Officials of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Honduras on Tuesday urged the population to approach the voting centers next Sunday, November 28, to exercise their right to vote, and that after the polls are closed, the preliminary results are known.


FF.AA. Honduras begins distribution of electoral material

The electoral authorities participated with the members of the Armed Forces (FF. AA.) In the act of leaving the electoral bags for their distribution in the 18 departments of the country.

According to the CNE counselor, Ana Paola Hall, the suitcases will later come loaded with the popular will, which the electoral body will abide by, who will respect and guarantee the results.

“The truth of the popular will is what will be reflected in the results of the general elections. Citizens, we are on your side and we will always respect what you decide, “he said.

For her part, Minister Rixi Moncada, who also addressed a message to members of the Armed Forces, indicated that she hopes that each vehicle that goes in the caravan arrives in full and that the security of the electoral material is guaranteed.

In turn, he requested that at the end of the electoral process, the material be returned to the CNE warehouses in the same way, respecting the popular will.

In this sense, the presiding counselor of the electoral body, Kelvin Aguirre, specified that the first route left for the departments of Atlántida, Colón, Copán, Ocotepeque and Yoro with a total of 4,059 electoral suitcases of the grand total of 18,916 that were planned to be distributed nationwide in the 5,735 voting centers and the 18,293 polling stations.

In addition, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Tito Livio Moreno, present the act, stated that the military power has the responsibility to guarantee the security of the transfer and return of electoral material. “It has to be a civic party,” he said, wishing it would pass in peace.

In the evening hours of this Tuesday, the second route to Intibucá, Lempira, Olancho, Santa Bárbara left with some 3,553 suitcases. The CNE hopes that next Friday the delivery of the electoral material in the Central District will conclude.

According to the CNE, as of this Wednesday the electoral silence begins, by means of which the disclosure of total or partial results in polls and polls, in addition to electoral propaganda by all media, is prohibited.

The secretary of the Municipal Electoral Commission (CEM), Edgardo Flores, explained that the school in the Céleo Gonzalez neighborhood suffered severe damage and that is why the voting center was moved.

Flores commented that this Thursday afternoon the electoral fins will arrive in Tegucigalpa at the Olympic Gymnasium of San Pedro Sula, to begin distribution on Friday to the voting centers, both in the Industrial Capital and in the rest of the municipalities of Cortés. .

Cortés has 953,530 voters in 501 voting centers. 3,226 electoral suitcases will arrive there, of which 1,475 are from San Pedro Sula, which has 439,404 voters and 152 voting centers.

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