Electrification will guarantee the future of large American pickup trucks - 01/14/2022 - Eduardo Sodré

The new world of electric cars is not limited to compact and midsize models with urban appeal. Large pickup trucks gain another reason to exist when they can be recharged at the outlet.

Two models are on their way to Brazil, both imported by the Osten group. In addition to the exotic Tesla Cybertruck, the company expects the arrival of the also American Rivian R1T. The first unit of this boxy utility was ordered in September 2021, with delivery expected in June or July.

Large pickup trucks are the ultimate symbol of the American automotive industry – and have always been linked to the worst in emissions of pollutants and carbon dioxide. Electric options are a possible future for these models, which bring some advantages.

The size of its platforms favors the installation of battery packs without compromising the space for occupants and cargo. The bucket remains free: the accumulators are installed on the floor.

the pickup from Rivian It is capable of running between 400 and 500 kilometers on a full charge. Interest in the brand is growing, and after starting production in the state of Illinois, a second factory will be built in the US, in Georgia. The investment in this new unit is equivalent to R$ 28 billion.

The Tesla Cybertruck goes further: the range can reach 800 kilometers in the version with three engines, the one chosen by the Osten group for sale or lease in Brazil.

Prices, however, are high: the importer estimates values ​​above R$ 1 million for electric pickups. A RAM 1500 Rebel, which has a similar size and is powered by a Hemi 5.7 V8 gasoline engine, costs R$ 450 thousand in Brazil.

The success and consequent appreciation of Tesla and Rivian make the American giants move. General Motors, which previously unveiled the Hummer EV, showed off the electric Chevrolet Silverado at CES, a technology fair held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

GM models will hit the market in 2023. By 2035, all the automaker’s pickup trucks for sale in the US will be electrically powered.

At Ford, the novelty is the F-150 Lightning, which exchanges the tank for batteries. The arrival in the American market takes place in this first quarter, and there is already a long waiting list. The automaker tries to avoid charging a premium on an already high price. A unit with all the items available costs the equivalent of R$ 550 thousand.

The public’s interest in these models justifies the increase in production and the expansion of charging networks. This is the way to win over the American consumer, who bought 2 million large pickup trucks throughout 2021.

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