Without candidates who are head of lists and without their own Elisa Carrió on any ballot, the Civic Coalition It is looking for a way to regain centrality within the electoral campaign, especially in a context where the inmates within the PRO and between the PRO and the UCR forcibly left them in a secondary place.

That was the focus of a meeting held this Tuesday by about 50 leaders of the CC-ARI of the City of Buenos Aires, where they raised the need to have “an own campaign” beyond the activities they have in the framework of the decisions of the Juntos por el Cambio bunker.

It is that in the Buenos Aires area all the decisions, which are defined in Uspallata, revolve around the figure of María Eugenia Vidal, with the addition of Ricardo López Murphy as the great novelty after the PASO, and with Martín Tetaz as one of the revelations that were gaining places in the media diffusion. This trio is only joined by Paula Oliveto, who is the benchmark of the Coalition that appears in spots and posters on public roads.

Candidates and leaders of the CC-ARI of the City, in a meeting this Tuesday.

“The idea is to occupy the space of the CC in the campaign, something that does not happen within the structure of JxC”, they explain in the party founded by Carrió. One of the biggest concerns today in the ranks of the Lilitos is getting Fernando Sánchez, who is eighth on the list, to gain access to Congress. If the result of the STEP were repeated, it would be on the verge, because 7 deputies would enter.

If Sánchez does not enter, the lilitos would lose one of the two seats they put into play in the Chamber of Deputies in the City. They are living in the same situation in the Buenos Aires Legislature, where Hernán Reyes and Cecilia Ferrero would have their renewal assured, but Claudio Cingolani, who by crossing the López Murphy list, was left 19 and it is more difficult for him to be reelected.

In a context where the fight between hawks and moderators of the macrismo first, and the crossings of the PRO with the radicals later, captured the attention, The idea of ​​Carrió and his space is to be able to regain visibility in this section of the campaign towards the general elections on November 14.

Civic Coalition CABA 20211013
Zuvic, Reyes, Ferrero, Oliveto, Sánchez and Cingolani.

In that framework, The former deputy completed a 5,000-kilometer tour in which she was in the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Neuquén and Río Negro. In Neuquén, precisely, it is one of the districts where there was no agreement within JxC and the CC cut itself off supporting the candidacy of journalist Carlos Eguía, who was fourth in the PASO and should grow to be able to fight for one of the three seats of contested deputies.

On the tour of the Buenos Aires coast, he was with Diego Santilli (playing shuffleboard, among other activities) and stated his commitment “that JxC improves so that when we have the opportunity, we can have a better government. We have to improve our values, in the defense of the republic, in order to build a great middle-class country ”.

In this line, the referents of the City expressed themselves on Monday, the 11th, in that strategy of having their own agenda within Together for Change. “In unity lists or competing throughout the country with internal lists, the only reason for our strategies is the cause of dignity,” they ratified in a document they prepared.

“This party knows what it is like to confront the authoritarianism of Kirchnerism and the need to set a clear limit. Elisa Carrió spoke of the mafias when many were silent. Today we know that this fight was not in vain, “said Oliveto.

At his side, Sánchez attacked: “Neither the drug traffickers, nor the corrupt nor the mediocre can take away our future. The CC is going to give the fights it has always given, without speculating, without lowering its arms and with the same commitment as always ”.

“This party will be twenty years after its constitution with the conviction that there is nothing less permanent than an electoral victory or defeat. The only permanent thing is the cause for dignity ”, the document affirms. Also present at the event were the candidates Reyes, Ferrero and Cingolani; the deputy Mariana Zuvic; the Buenos Aires legislator Lucia Romano and the director of the City Housing Institute, Fernanda reyes.

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