Élisabeth Moreno gives her age in TPMP: "It is not possible!"

Élisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Gender Equality, revealed her age in TPMP. Cyril Hanouna and his chroniclers were speechless …

Élisabeth Moreno was invited on Tuesday 23 November on the set of Do not touch My TV to discuss the excesses of reality TV. To answer him, Cyrill Hanouna had invited Magali Berdah, the iconic influencer at the head of Shauna Events. To address this subject which she takes very seriously, the Secretary of State first spoke of her intentions “Jdecided to summon all the producers of reality TV“she assured. And to add: Young people who watch reality TV are at an age where they can be influenced“. Magali Berdah’s response was not long in coming, since the 40-year-old retaliated cash:”The stars of reality TV are women (…) They represent the youth“.

Élisabeth Moreno creates a surprise on the set of TPMP: “It’s not possible, it’s incredible!”

Mother of a family, the minister then took her two daughters as an example. The first is 30 years old and the last is 15 years old, she clarified. Information that aroused the curiosity of chroniclers, and in particular that of Isabelle Morini-Bosc who immediately told her: “But did you get it when you were 8? “, suggesting that she was too young to have children of such age. Also stunned by this information, Cyril Hanouna shared his astonishment. “It is not possible, it is incredible!“, he laughed. Exchanges which flattered Élisabeth Moreno who replied with a broad smile:” Cis a nice compliment“.
The Secretary of State even allowed herself to reveal her age: I am 51 years old“. In shock, the host of C8 was full of praise for him.”Ah bah frankly, you are beautiful“, he complimented, adding that he was giving her”under forty“. An aside that will have made Elisabeth Moreno smile before she resumed the thread of the debate.

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