Elk freed from the tire he had worn around his neck for two years

A two-year saga that ends in the United States. In the Rockies, an elk was freed from its tire collar which had bothered it for two years. The cervid was first sighted in July 2019 by wildlife protection officers, while they were carrying out an investigation of mountain bighorn sheep and goats.

It was not until October 10 that Colorado park officials managed to remove the tire he had around his neck after two years of stalking. The rangers were able to immobilize the animal and remove the 14-kilogram tire that encircled its neck, and was undoubtedly severely hampering it. Unfortunately, they had to chop down his wood for that, a weapon of both defense and seduction for the beast. ” The hairs were faded a bit, there was a small, coin-sized open wound, but other than that it looked in great condition. “, one of the agents, Scott Murdoch, told the AP agency.

Following the rescue operation, Colorado wildlife specialists are warning that this kind of situation occurs on a regular basis. Many animals get their feet caught in objects left in the wild: swings, hammocks, clotheslines, furniture, chicken feeders, laundry baskets, football goals or even volleyball nets. This is due to the too close proximity of human dwellings to the natural living space of wild animals.

The Colorado parks and wildlife site has issued a reminder to locals to avoid trapping the animals. They should keep their garbage bags inside the houses, collect the fruit in their garden, and avoid putting feeders with seeds for the birds, because the bears love them.

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