After twelve years the marriage of Ellemieke Vermolen and chef Sergio Herman ended. She does not want to say much about the reason for the break-up – for the sake of the children. “All I can say is that a divorce is never one-sided. It takes two to tango”, she tells the Dutch magazine Beau Monde.

Despite the divorce, Ellemieke is doing well, she says. “I’m comfortable in my own skin and I’m actually making the best of the situation. I never look back, well, unless I’m in the car. I learn a lot from what I’ve been through.”

And that takes time, she admits. “I’m not quite sure what lesson I’m getting from my relationship with Sergio. It’s still in development and I’m still thinking about it. But what I do know is that all this makes me stronger again. I really support the statement What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I keep growing and I try to get the positive out of everything.”


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