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Twitter’s chief executive fired more than 200 company employees without notice last Sunday. With questions about your employment status after nine days without access to the computer, the employee Haraldur Throleifsson he wroteon Twitter, a message addressed to elon Musk to confirm whether or not to keep the job at the company. “The head of HR [Recursos Humanos] can’t confirm whether I’m an employee or not. You don’t answer mine emails. Maybe if enough people share this message, you can respond?”, he said the official last Monday.

The attempt to get the attention of the multimillionaire owner of the social network was successful, as Elon Musk ended up responding to the request. The conversation online gave rise to a series of tweets about Throleifsson’s work qualities and his disability. “What work have you been doing?” and “The reality is that this man (who is independently wealthy) didn’t really work, he claimed, as an excuse, that he had a disability that prevented him from writing, but he was simultaneously stirring up a storm. I can’t say he has much respect for this” were some of Elon Musk’s messages. Later, the employee, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, received confirmation that he was no longer on the Twitter team.

Despite the confirmation, Elon Musk continued the exchange of tweets this Tuesday, describing Throleifsson as the “worst”.

The multimillionaire owner of the social network apologized for the conversation he had on the platform with Haraldur Throleifsson. “I would like to apologize to Halli for the misunderstanding. This was based on things I was told that were false or, in some cases, true but not meaningful. He is considering staying on Twitter,” it read. on Elon Musk’s official account.

Throleifsson owned the Ueno company, which was acquired by Twitter in 2021, the year he started working at the US company. Accordingly with the BBCthe official decided to sell the ueno for several reasons, one of them being the muscular dystrophy he suffers from: “my body is starting to fail little by little”, he explained.

Text edited by Pedro Esteves

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