Elsa Leeb gave birth, Michel Leeb is a grandfather -PHOTO

Elsa Leeb, the daughter of comedian Michel Leeb, has become a mother for the first time! She unveiled a cute photo of the baby and the symbolic first name in an Instagram post.

The Leeb family is growing! Elsa Leeb, the youngest of the siblings of Michel leeb, gave birth to her first child this Friday, October 8. Four days later, the 33-year-old announced the beautiful news on her Instagram account, sharing a sweet photo of the little girl well bundled up. Fanny and Tom Leeb’s sister also took the opportunity to reveal the girl’s original first name. “October 8, 2021 at 5:15 AM, I understood what it was to have the most beautiful meeting of his life. My Gaia (Earth, in Greek mythology, editor’s note) you upset me, give me confidence, soothe me, amaze me already so much… You were born out of an absolutely wonderful and indescribable love with @allanasle that changed my life; count on us to share it with you every second. Thank you @allanasle, thank you life“, wrote the young mother on the social network.

Elsa Leeb: couple and pregnancy

Elsa Leeb announced her pregnancy in May 2021 by revealing her little round belly when she was four months pregnant. The pretty brunette, now press officer for the cinema, make the perfect love with Allan Asle, an actor and pilot with the paces of an adventurer. Both will now start a new life together for their greatest happiness … And that of Michel Leeb, who takes on the role of grandfather for the first time at 74 years old!

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