Emilia Schneider will be the first transgender deputy of Chile: "I assume it with humility and great honor"

The student leader Emilia Schneider this Sunday became the first transgender person to be elected to occupy a seat in the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, after the holding of the elections that reconfigured the composition of Congress.

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A member of the left-wing Communes party, which is part of the Frente Amplio coalition, Shneider will enter the Lower House on behalf of District 10 of the Chilean capital, made up of six large sectors of the city.

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“I assume with humility and great honor to be the first trans deputy of Chile. This is a step thanks to years of feminist and dissident struggle “he wrote on his Twitter account.

Chile celebrated this day what was the first round of its presidential elections, in addition to elections for the election of the 155 legislators of the Chamber of Deputies and 27 of the 50 senators that as of March 2022 will have the Upper House.

The far-right José Antonio Kast and the leftist Gabriel Boric prevailed over the rest of the other five candidates in the election to replace the current president, Sebastián Piñera, and will contest the first magistracy in the second round, scheduled for December 19.

“This is a day of mixed feelings. On the one hand, hate advances. On the other, there is hope ”, Shneider said about Kast’s triumph, on the one hand, and her election as a deputy, on the other, while calling for Boric to vote in the second round.




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