Emos and taxes in Río Cuarto: the opposition warns of increases, but the PJ rejects it |  Politics

The opposition bloc Juntos por Río Cuarto warned in the Deliberative Council that Mayor Juan Manuel Llamosas may apply increases of up to 70 percent in Emos and municipal taxes as a result of the 2022 Budget ordinance presented in that legislative precinct of the city of Río Cuarto, south of the province of Córdoba.

Opposition councilor Marcos Curletto warned that, although the ruling party (We do for Córdoba) recognizes that there will be increases of 45 percent, the letter of the file enables the Municipality to apply increases of up to 70 percent on the rates, including Emos (Ente Municipal Sanitary Works) and other municipal taxes.

From We do for Córdoba, Guillermo Natali, president of the bank, categorically rejected this possibility and confirmed the initial percentage that, he said, will be lower than the inflationary index. Strut.

The opposition warns of increases in Emos and taxes

“In article 10 of the tariff a maximum ceiling of increase for municipal taxes of 70 percent is established. Although they speak of 45 percent on average, by ordinance, it can reach 70 percent, “said Curletto.

“For this reason, we believe that there is a possibility that there will be a tax. In fact, last year a rise in the Emos was approved based on inflation, but the polynomial was not repealed, so that in the second half of this year new increases were entered in this way, “warned the opponent.

Meanwhile, Natali confirmed that 45 percent is the goal: “if the Executive decides to apply a higher raise, it must first go through the Deliberative Council.”

“The increase on real estate for 2022 will be 45 percent. At the same time, the 20 percent discount is still in effect for taxpayers who are up to date. But I reiterate, it will not exceed 45 percent, although there may be some very specific case, “added the Justicialist councilor.

When is the 2022 Budget voted?

The 2022 Budget project could be voted on at first reading during the session this Thursday, November 25.

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