Mozilla has matured on Microsoft and its Edge.  Makes Firefox the default browser with one click

Edge 94 was released at the end of September. This is not a complete novelty, but Microsoft is now pointing out what a slightly hidden novelty it brings in combination with Windows 11, which is currently accessible to people involved in the Windows Insider program. Product development from the same stable went hand in hand, at least in some respects (less so for design).

So if you’re using Eleven, you may notice that after updating Edge, it is more readable in the Task Manager. In previous series of Windows, it was still true, and you still see a large number of processes below you, which you cannot distinguish from each other by name. If you needed to “shoot down” the process of slowing down or freezing the browser, you shot to some extent blind.

Process identification? You can do it now

This is exactly what Microsoft has finally solved. Now they are partial processes clearly named and is represented by a custom icon. In some cases, the process contains multiple items, each represented on a separate line. Modern browsers use a variety of processes. They are therefore more memory intensive, but at the same time more stable and safer.

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Now you can recognize the individual processes, which will help you in situations where you need to end one of them

The browser’s internal task manager has been similarly improved. Couldn’t process labels and icons appear in Windows 10 Task Manager? Microsoft doesn’t say that, it’s just not happening now.

Starting with the release of the Edge 94 manufacturer shortens the development cycle so that the new major version will be released at intervals just four weeks. Since the beginning of 2020, such a cadence has been set by competing Mozilla. Microsoft leaves companies an Extended Stable distribution channel, where the update occurs once every eight weeks. Basically, every second version will be skipped.

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