Zuhal Demir

Zuhal Demir © BELGA

Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) wants to invest up to 200 million euros next year to bring down the sky-high energy bills. She announced this on Monday in an interview with the VRT and was confirmed to our editors. Its proposals have yet to be discussed at the Flemish Council of Ministers.

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“Over the past two years we have already removed a number of things from that energy bill (…) And I have always said that if I can still get things out of it, I will continue to do so. And that is why I have now submitted a number of proposals to my colleagues in the Flemish government. We are now going to look at it together, and that way we can get an amount of 170 to 200 million from that invoice next year. The intention is that Flemish families and singles will also feel that,” says Demir.

It is not yet clear how much discount or reduction consumers will receive on their energy bill as a result of these Flemish measures.

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